A Reason To Speak

Launching Your Journey Toward Confidence and Conviction

Teens have ideas, but sometimes they don’t know how to talk about these passions with others. 

This engaging course introduces students to valuable public speaking skills and why these skills matter.  Students will practice applying these essential skills immediately as they develop confidence and character while finding their Reason to Speak.    


  • Discover reasons to speak
  • Develop beginning skills in impromptu speaking
  • Practice using projection, inflection, and pacing in interpreting a short story or scripture reading by voice
  • Write and give a short platform speech
  • Use a prop to share a simple personal introduction
  • Practice evaluating peers in live practice sessions


  • Ages 11-13


  • Start Date set by purchaser of group ticket
  • Four 45-minute classroom meetings with your teacher
  • 12 hours student work over 4 weeks


  • Group package for 1 instructor and a group of students
  • $197 USD
  • Additional students can be purchased.


  • Includes a group of student seats and 1 Instructor seat. The instructor will offer classroom, grading, and tech support for your students. 
  • Includes Coaching with Success course for the instructor ($97 value)
  • Includes an Orientation Course for each student and instructor, a $25 value per person
  • Teacher's Guide free with the purchase of course
  • Includes access to the ICC Academy Library
  • Includes Everyday Conversations, a 12-week email series
  • The instructor has access to online content thru December 31, 2019.


After you have successfully registered your Reason to Speak course, an Academy representative will contact you to:

  • give you easy to follow instructions to access your course
  • enroll your students, including instructions on how to enroll additional students
  • see if you'd like to enroll additional students


Week 1 - It’s Not about Me!

  • Explore an audience-centric approach to public speaking
  • Discover how effective speaking can be a first step to connection with others
  • Practice using limited preparation skills
  • Comprehend how listening contributes to effective communication
  • Explore how competence, character, and connection assist in the transformation of next generation Christians

Week 2 - You’re Next!

  • Develop platform writing skills by using a hook, thesis, visual aid and conclusion
  • Understanding how to use feedback
  • Select a palm-sized prop to assist in your self-introduction
  • Comprehend that our actions speak louder than words
  • Explore how expression and articulation support effective communication

Week 3 - Write It!

  • Practice delivering a speech with clear expression and clear articulation
  • Begin to offer peer feedback
  • Discover how poise, pause, and pacing supports vocal expression
  • Learn the sandwich approach to coaching

Week 4 - Your Voice Matters

  • Practice using pause to help make a story memorable
  • Explore how expressive reading brings a story to life.
  • Interpret and record a short story, Aesop’s fable, or scripture reading
  • Anticipate next steps in the coaching journey